“… the objectives of this project have been to capture the genius of the past, which transformed a former industrial site into an internationally acclaimed model of urban redevelopment to address the challenges of the present, and to shape the future with imagination and bold ideas.” 

– Granville Island 2040


Friends of Granville Island is a community of people who care, volunteer, educate and advocate in support of Granville Island to maximize its latent potential to inspire, educate and escape the expected. To inspire public imagination!

In early 2017, ‘Granville Island 2040: Bridging Past & Future’, was completed and published. The Government of Canada initiated this report, with the aim to ensure the long-term sustainability of the island – economically, socially and environmentally – and to preserve its experimental identity and core values.

​We run initiatives to promote, educate, increase awareness and participation in this amazing project and in the 2040 process. To ensure Granville Island remains extraordinary, and not ordinary.

It is a critical time in the 'Granville Island 2040' process – a crossroads. Granville Island has the potential to inspire and support future generations with its unique mandate. Friends of Granville Island are here to help make sure the 2040 renewal project gets the support and encouragement it needs to preserve this one-of-a-kind urban public space. This platform allows us to be a model of the visionary leadership required for this initiative, and to gather support for our cherished opportunities place. 

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