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Friends of Granville Island are here to help ensure Granville Island reaches its full potential as a one-of-a-kind urban public space. We advocate for a community-led 'People’s Place' where creativity, innovation, arts & culture thrive on Granville Island.
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Community-Led Action
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Friends of Granville Island is here to help make sure the local community has a voice, and that community needs are met.


We are committed to outreach, so that outcomes are community-led.


We create inclusive initiatives that educate the public and promote transparency.

Friends of Granville Island is an advocate for the Island’s unique status as an urban park zoned for urban experimentation, innovation and the nurturing of arts & culture. FGI will use our platform to advocate for:

  • A transparent and accountable decision making and public process;

  • Diverse and inclusive consultation, especially meaningful consultation with Indigenous Peoples;

  • A community-led vision, local creative control and fair representation for stakeholders and tenants;

  • The protection of inclusive, accessible and affordable spaces for creative & cultural spaces;

  • Reconciliation toward repair of relations with Indigenous Peoples;

  • A just recovery after the COVID-19 pandemic and economic crisis.

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Advocacy Work

FGI builds bridges and better channels of communication to facilitate positive change. We commit to building a safe and welcoming space that nurtures the culture shift we would like to see.


The organization aims to:

  • Increase public awareness of Granville Island as a unique urban public space worth preservation and enhancement

  • Build effective working relationship with the caretakers of Granville Island

  • Support our allies and collaborators

  • Share stories of Granville Island

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