“...in the earliest report on approaches to development …[they] envisioned Granville Island as an “urban opportunity... to address the de-humanization, corporatization, institutionalized specialization and control which have characterized modern urban development...erasing... opportunities for personal fulfillment [and] frustrating... fundamentally healthy needs for creativity.” The report then pointed to the characteristics of an “Urban Opportunity Place... including unspecialized settings, unfinished settings, relaxed institutional controls, and the encouragement of self-policing that frees up self-expression.”                                      

– Granville Island 2040


Granville Island was purposely never “finished”, and continues to evolve today. However, because of its true nature as a “people’s place”, the Island needs your help and guidance! Become a Friend today and in order to help us to guide the council and activate the latent potential of this amazing and create opportunities for future generations.

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