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“First, Granville Island should make the promotion of innovation a fundamental criterion in its approach to all future development and programming. The scope of Granville Island’s interest should embrace art, craft, design, science, technology, urban development, natural systems, social well-being, and all other areas where a culture of innovation and excellence can be fostered.” 


– Granville Island 2040



For over 20 years, there has been no major investment in infrastructure or space renewal on Granville Island. Currently, with over 200,000 square feet of available space, and five undeveloped building sites ready to be re-imagined, Granville Island has the capacity to enable the kind of energetic, creative synergy last seen in the early years of its founding in the 1970s. Redevelopment is key, and with the 2040 report we have all the ingredients in place. In the early days, the Federal government financed Granville Island’s redevelopment in order for the space to continue self-sufficiently for many years. After 40 years, and millions of dollars spent on the 2040 renewal plan, the Island needs funding again today so that it can continue to fulfil its ambitious mandate.

Since the initial capital investment in Granville Island, no federal funds have been allocated to its maintenance or improvement. 40 years on, with the development of an ambitious plan to move it into the future, Granville Island needs and deserves an investment to make this plan a reality. Were the Island under the jurisdiction of an independent body, new doors could be opened in terms of capital investment. Granville Island is a place of great opportunity for people with innovative projects, businesses, and ideas, particularly at a time when creative space in Vancouver is so difficult to find. With community support, we can help move Granville Island into a bright future.

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